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Mobile Nature Gas Pipeline

Mobile Natural Gas Pipeline Vehicle Mounted Leak Detection System

Star International Oil Holding Limited provides Leak detection using Laser technology mounted on a vehicle. Its main applications are detection of methane gas emissions associated with landfills, transport and distribution pipelines, compressor stations, gate stations, gas fired equipment and the identification of unknown sources of methane emissions to the atmosphere. The working principle of this methane gas leak detector is based on a pulsed beam from a diode laser, which is directed at the location or area to be inspected.

SIOHL successfully conducted pipe line leak detection services using ZICOM Equipment Pte Ltd., of Singapore as the service company using ABB Mobile Guard Advance technology in China for city gas underground gas pipeline.
GeoStar Geological Tools software   Evaluation system for potential of EOR

GEOSTAR is a comprehensive geological tool software, which consists of geologic mapping, graphics database, figure vector, atlas making, multimedia presentation, graphic format conversion and accessory system of exploration and development of database. This is a 32-bit application system, with characters of powerful function, easy handling, high alternation and supporting network.

  In order to calculate the data for EOR more convenient, speedy, scientific, sophisticated and systematic, we developed this evaluation system.? It sets diagramming, report printing and various data summarization for integration.

ZYJ testing system with pressure for safety valves

This system can test the valves with or without pressure during the valves working. Through the test, the system can make record for the function of safety valves. ZYJ system can efficiently avoid the accident through safety test for safety valves which is exact, time saving, efficiently and energy-saving. This system is mainly applied in petroleum, petrochemical, power plants, chemical plants and other fields.


Oil and Gas reserves evaluation system

This system is developed on the base of research method of classification of petroleum and natural gas reserves¡¢Calculation of oil and gas reserves¡¢production and exploitable reserves forecast method¡¢evaluation method of oil and gas reserves£¨Technical and economic evaluation methods research, comprehensive evaluation method research£©.With the character of high-efficiency and practicability, it can meet the need of development and design, economic evaluation of project and special economic analysis in oil field


Computing system of relative permeability of oil and water (vapor) under high temperature

  Real-time recording and monitoring system

This system can show and print the curve of relative permeability of oil and hot water or vapor, bases on the basic parameter. It also can inquiry and print the data and curve of relative permeability according the giving sample¡¯s parameter. The overlay function of the system makes it easy to compare the graphics and the origin data and calculate results will be saved in form of file.


The system owns real-time recording ¡¢the real-time monitoring¡¢query playback¡¢automatic backup¡¢automatic alarm functions which can monitor multiple phones simultaneously with computer thread processing. It has many advantages, high degree of automation, large storage capacity of information,£»high efficiency, low cost, convenient information query, security and information can be saved on CD or tape for long time. It¡¯s clear menu make it easy to operate. It can be running in the background or foreground. It can guarantee the employee¡¯s service, provide evidence for dispute, prevent employee make private phone and so on.


Supervision and management system for oil field

  Maternal and child health information collection system

This system can efficient promote the efficiency of dispatching system in supervision center. It can achieve standard enquires, automation processing, routinization and standardization of data for field supervision in many majors such as geophysical prospecting, drilling, geology, logging, drilling fluid and production test.
It can summarize data and generate report, draw and print the relative graphics, promote the speed of data processing and the quality of images. The function of resource sharing of supervision center make the management know the situation in field and make decision in time. Windows 2000 Server, Windows 9X for client and SQL server for database platform make the system more secure and reliable which is especially suit for supervision certen in oil field.


This system is a maternal and child information collection system based on Intranet , which sets case input, output, report statistics, case and report printing, and timely reporting the data and other functions. It take C / S structure£¬make the system more reasonable. With Windows as the platform and SQL Server as the database platform, the system is more secure and reliable. The system's real-time remote data communication technology£¬promote the Maternal and child health information system move towards the more advanced and scientific management.


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