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CAT Diesel Generator Set

Caterpillar diesel generator set products include Olympian, CAT 3400, 3500 series and the new C-series generator sets. The power output ranges are from 11KW to 2400KW. Products are mainly imported from USA and the UK for electric power prime and stand by markets. Caterpillar generator sets are well-established in the electric power generation industry.

We provide a wide range of voltage rangesㄩ200V 每 110,000V, frequencyㄩ50Hz/60Hzㄛand rpm speedsㄩ3000-1000 rpm.
CAT CAT 3400c CAT 500

Olympian 11-200KW

3400&C 220kW-880kW

3500 910kW-1820kW

Rating definitions 每 Meets all international standardsㄩABGSM TM3﹜AS1359﹜AS2789﹜BS4999﹜ BS5000﹜BS5514﹜DIN6271﹜DIN6280﹜EGSA101P﹜IEC34/1﹜ISO3046/1﹜ISO8528﹜JEM1359﹜NEMA MG 1-22﹜VDE0530﹜89/392/EEC and 9/336/EEC
Standby Rating 每 Output available with varying load for the duration of the interruption of the normal source power. Standby power in accordance with ISO8528. Fuel stop power in accordance with ISO3046, AS2789, DIN6271 and BS5514 is available on request. Indicated main power surrounding temperature is 100% load.
Prime Rating 每 Output available with varying load for an unlimited time. Prime power in accordance with ISO8528 but ISO3046, AS2789, DIN6271, BS5514 can supply 10% overload power and is available on request. The main power surrounding temperature is 100% load.  
Rating Calculation 每 We provide a qualified engineer to ensure that all rating calculations meet the customer needs on load and activation.

Fixed installation and packaging:  

Containerized gen-sets, mobile units: Able to provide and meet the requirements on varying needs and sound attenuated units from 13 to 2500KVA.

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